Day 5 in paradise

Day 5 in paradise

Moving day. I spent the morning cleaning my AirBnB before I had to leave. Side note the owner of the condo asked for the sheets to be left in the bathtub. I’ve never heard of that before so it just seemed odd to me. After cleaning I was off to Kihei Cafe again for my daily breakfast. They noticed me this time which felt kind of cool. After breakfast a 45 minute gorgeous drive along the coast to Lahaina. Lahaina is where most of the nice hotels and restaurants are. When I arrived at the hotel I immediately felt immersed in the relaxing location I had hoped for. It wasn’t cheap but the reasons for that were obvious and around every corner. The hotel had 3 restaurants, its own coffee shop, a Macy’s, multiple souvenir shops, penguins, parrots, three pools, a grotto, multiple gardens, a golf course, a spa, and of course right on the ocean. After getting checked in I walked around to check everything. I took lots of photos and then it was time to relax at the pool. It was the perfect place to get away from the worries of the world and not think about anything.

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