Guest Blog by Shawna G.

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Guest Blog by Shawna G.

The Truth Fears No Investigation.

A simple phrase that says it all, a phrase I have lived by for more years than I can count.  We all have a story to tell.  Some joyous and some life altering.  No matter what we go through, people and circumstances fall into our lives for a reason.  It’s how you choose to deal with the lessons that are in front of you.  These are the lessons that shape and mold us. I too have some hard knocks under my belt. Lessons that have taken a minute to sink in and lessons still to be learned. Growth…. Just when u THINK you know, you don’t.

It was a year ago this October that I first met the boys from Trust No One… At first when they came in and handed us hats, which I promised to wear all weekend , and did …. I just thought “cool saying, it falls right in line with truth fears no investigation ".  After all I had been through over the last 2 yrs, divorce  from a abusive drug addict, getting screwed on a house I was to buy, having my brother, who’s a drug addict, going back to prison for his 3rd 10 year vacation, I was just done.  My now husband was also in prison during this time… so, Trust No One, was exactly how I felt.  But I was only seeing it as TNO, screw everyone! Then the next day I read their creed. 

I took a picture of it and sent it to my husband.  It hit home.  It softened that hard mode of thinking I had been accustomed to using over the last couple years.  Arm's distance; that’s what people got from me.  For me, it made me stop and think.  It all fits me to a 'T'.  I’ve been dragged through the mud, and it took me a long time to realize it’s not my issue, it’s theirs.  I sent the creed to my brother, who now has it hanging on his wall in his cell.  It’s funny how something so simple as reading the creed can turn everything around.

  I had been struggling for over a year as to whether or not to reach out to my brother.  Thanks to my husband reminding me I only had one brother, and Trust No One, I finally did.  I had to remember it’s not between me and him, but him alone.  He was the one who did what he did to our family.  Wear the noose of anger too long it will choke you out!

Everything else in life is just that.  Everything else. Learn to find yourself everyday. This creed has changed my way of thinking In so many ways. Something I believe in 110%.  They have reminded me to find beauty even in the worst of disasters.  When you change the way you view the world, the world around you changes.  It took me along time to grasp that.  Trust must be earned not taken.  In the end it’s just you.  Always be true to who you are, ALWAYS TRUST yourself, TRUST NO ONE, and the rest will fall into place.  I wear my reminder every day across my hands.  “Trust No 1”.

Dual saying: Trust No One & Trust No 1.  Thanks guys for reminding me that no matter how much I’ve been beaten down, it’s between them and whatever god they believe in.  Don’t stop being who I am!  Thank you for adding to my book of lessons.

I’ll be forever grateful……

Shawna G.


Photography:Don Chavez

Model: Shawna G.

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  • Michael

    Shawna’s words inspire me to share something about her that people who know her and love her will understand. Upon our wall there’s the painting of a little girl who’s about to kiss a frog in the hopes that the frog will turn into a prince like the goddamned fairytale promised! It’s some kind of indicator of what she has gone through when she says the truth fears no investigation. Hmmmm? Perhaps there ought to be a unique hat for her that reads-“Trust No Frog!” While I’m more of a Machiavellian interpretation of “The Prince” I’m glad she has never lost that sense of hope & wonder that braves a plague of frogs and disasters to find love in its foundations of trust & respect. Sometimes she speaks to me and I hear the little girl that still believes & hopes & loves in me, her husband……Michael

  • Michael Moe Gardner

    “WHEN YOU CHANGE THE WAY YOU VIEW THE WORLD, THE WORLD AROUND YOU CHANGES“ …and it happens so fast and SO deliberate that I would recommend bracing yourself(almost physically lol) because if your not ready it’ll scare you right back into that damaging perspective. The old view is comfortable, stay uncomfortable, it’ll keep you on your feet. Change your view, hang on, buckle up, and Trust No One. I love the view from up here.
    TY TNO

  • Ashlee


  • Lisa

    Absolutely hit home tonight… Which I didn’t fully realize until I finished reading your article, thank you!🙏🏻❤️
    Amazing and beautiful truth❤️

  • Aaron Funk

    This is absolutely one of the most powerful and amazing things I have ever read!
    Thank you Shawna, it is passion like yours that drive myself and the rest of the Trust No One family to do what we do to get this brand and more importantly what it stands for to as many people as we can.

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